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After graduating from Animal Behavior College in 2010, I got to work with a few different dog trainers and learned a lot about the different methods, old school VS new age.

From my experience, different dogs will respond differently to the same stimulus. Therefore for best results, one should combine both negative and positive reinforcement, continuously monitor the dog, and adjust according to their response.

The most important thing I've learned over the years is that owners must be committed to the training. They must be able to continue reinforcing what the dog has learned, or else the dog will simply "forget". If your dog has ever ignored you, or if they only follow your instructions when you're holding a treat, that is a known symptom of this problem.

This is why I'm opting to provide only one type of service: In-home training lessons. This assures the owners are the ones teaching their dog, and that they will be able to reinforce the training continuously.

I don't sell packages because each dog is different, and your goals for your own dog may be different than someone else's. I can't tell you in advance how many lessons you'll need.

In some cases 1 lesson is enough, and in others you will need 10 or even more.

It really all depends on what your goals are, and how willing and able you are in doing your "homework" and working with your pup on a daily basis.

We can start with a free phone consultation, and if you like what you hear we can schedule your lesson and take it from there.

For your free consultation, feel free to give me a call!


The Dog Mumbler

Your In-Home Dog Trainer

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