“My dog doesn’t come when I call him.”

“My dog pulls on the leash throughout the entire walk.”

“My dog never sits, lays down, or stays when I ask him to.”


These are the most common problems we get to work with here at

Pros 4 Dogs, and you’d be surprised at how quickly they can be resolved!

We believe you must be fair to your dog in order to achieve any change of behaviour, therefore, every step of the way will be specifically defined, so your dog knows exactly what you want him to do!


The techniques we use are scientifically proven. We want to make the right change at the right time, so we can create a long lasting, healthy relationship, between you and your dog.


If you’d like to do the work yourself, we have in-home lessons, where we’ll teach you as the owner how to train your dog. 

I can also do some 1 on 1 in-home sessions with your dog, that you won’t need to attend. Or, for the best results, I can board your dog in my home and train him for you. This will give your dog a great base to start from, and make your life a lot easier!


The problems I mentioned may be the most common, but we successfully work and modify a whole array of other behaviours.

Potty training, anyone? :)


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We service San Fernando Valley.


Major cities include but are not limited to:

North Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks,

Encino, Tarzana and Woodland Hills.

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